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How long can I expect to wait for my results?



  • Betty

    Test has not failed was never received its been longer than 5 weeks

  • Darwin Belcourt

    Never received confirmation of DNA sample being received or test results.

  • Jennifer

    Never received a confirmation. It's been a month.

  • Stephanie von Schleich

    @support also waiting More Than 6 weeks for the results

  • Dianne C Gardner

    I’ve been waiting 6 weeks! No results 

  • Stephanie von Schleich

    Can you See 5 months! No results! only a Kitten of 1 year and no result What her illness is ! Only getting More bad. My Vet says that i Should Made the Test to help ! Her 

  • Rebecca Zuniga

    I’m awaiting the results of my puppy who is almost 6 months! I sent them out on July 17th and still have not received anything. 

  • Marcus/Carla Kiplinger

    We sent in test and confirmed receipt in early July. Now September still says pending

  • Rodney mayes

    So I’m beginning to this this is a scam it’s been two months! 

  • Jack

    February 13, 2024 - Activated kit, collected sample and mailed the sample the next day.

    February 23, 2024 - I contacted support to confirm the sample had been received. It had not been.

    February 27, 2024 - Followed-up with Support on them receiving the sample. They say it had not come in.

    February 28, 2024 - With very strange timing, the very day after I raised concerns about the sample for a second time, the sample was received and I received an email confirmation.

    March 29, 2024 - According to this very support post, I should have my results in hand no later than Wednesday of next week. That will be 5 weeks from the confirmation sent to me that the sample had been received.

    ** It is worth noting that since the email confirmation of receiving the sample, I also received a status update. It stated that the DNA had been extracted from the sample and had entered analysis.

    I better LOVE the way the results are delivered, because this is nuts.


    ******* Feedback for Orivet. You have opportunities on communicating with the customer and setting expectations on the process. The frustration you are seeing from customers is the fact that we don't work in your industry and have no idea how long it takes. So, we're naturally upset. This can be avoided by setting clear expectations up front along with communicating the status and explaining the next steps. Just an FYI

  • Melissa

    I too have not received any confirmation of them receiving my test that I sent out on March 16th. This is insane. I sent this test along with a package to Montana. Made it to Montana in 3 days same postage. 

  • Diane Gallo

    I sent out my sample 2 weeks ago and have not received confirmation email of receipt.  Not holding my breath after reading these reviews 


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